ACTION 1: Teaching

​You surely remember your favourite teacher at school, right? That´s the teacher from whom you learnt most!  A child´s natural desire to learn can be either frustrated or strengthened by the way they are being taught. We will help teachers to use teaching methods and materials which increase the learning effect of the children in the project.

ACTION 4: Infrastructure, equipment

​Do you remember your primary education classroom? One important contributor to good education is a place where learning is encouraged. We plan to improve the education infrastructure so that the kids will have a minimum space and won´t need to sit on the floor. 

actions planned within the kidsinmyanmar project

ACTION 2: Learning Material

​Children need pencils, paper, text books or simmilar adequate learning material to make use of their natural desire to learn. We will provide the kids with the necessary learning material.

ACTION 3: School feeding

Research shows how important the right nutrition is for small children to develop their learning capacity. If this is not done at early age, it will have negative consequences for the rest of their lives. We will provide some basic nutritious food to the kids in the project.

ACTION 5: Mentoring and family support

Kids learn best when they get support and encouragement from their families and mentors to enhance their learning outcomes. We will help children get the necessary support and encouragement from their closest personal environment. 


​Children who complete secondary school often end up having menial and extremely poorly paid jobs. Through consultation and agreements with local service providers we will support those in children in obtaining a basi professional skills training which will allow them to earn a basic salary and escape the poverty trap.