This site informs about a project to support the education of children from a minority ethnic group in north western MYANMAR. Check it out!


About 100 kids receive basic education in a very poor learning environment, with almost no school supplies, sitting on the floor, and cramped into two classes of 50. Under such conditions, the future of these great kids looks bleak. But they are so enthusiastic about going to school and learn!

We want to provide a more enabling environment for their schooling: basic school supplies, better teacher training, and more space to learn. We will also reach out to their parents, to ensure that learning will spread to the wider community. 12 of these kids come from very poor rural famillies and live cramped in a place of about 25 square metres - less than half the space that most of us are used to having just for ourselves. They are looked after by a fine local woman with basically no income apart form donations. These kids receive care and affection, but their living conditions  affect their learning and their future. We want to offer them a slightly bigger living space, and help the local woman to support the development, skills and talents of these lovely kids.

After visiting the place in 2010, I decided to take several months off work (starting in January 2015) to help create a better schooling environment for the children there. I pay for all my personal expenses myself, but I need help to pay for building supplies, school supplies, teacher training materials, school meals, etc.

All the funds we raise will go directly to the support of these children. I will use my personal savings to match 50% of each donation received. I will also ensure a rigourous accounting for all monies raised, and you will be able to access accounting information. Photos will also be sent to each donor. If you wish, you can also indicate whether you prefer to pay for building materials, school equipment, school grants, teacher training, or other expenses.

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You can support the education of these wonderful kids through the crowdfunding side:, or contact me directly.

Thank you for your support!


Our project

The site is still very much work in progress. The aim of the site is to inform about kidsinmyanmar, an initiative that helps poor children from the Mizo community in north-western Myanmar to obtain better education and escape the poverty trap. 


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Thanks to our friends and donors we were already now able to start with some project activities: We started contributing to building a place where we can provide a better environment for the learning of the children. 


We´ll keep you updated!